International Women’s Day Celebration 2016

by admin on 12 April 2016

Smaller than last year but just as exciting. On the 9th of March West Hampstead Women’s Centre hosted International Women’s Day celebrations. It was an afternoon filled with joy and excitement as the centre became a place where women from all cultures and backgrounds came together to celebrate ‘women’s day’. It was an amazing display of comradery between the women who supported and encouraged each other to join in with the festivities.

On the day the women enjoyed Irish music – played live by musicians, and dancing – the members of Irish decent taking the lead and helping the others along. As well as heart warming speeches and giving special thanks to various members of WHWC community, the ladies where able to enjoy an array of food that was brought, cooked and served by  our volunteers.

West Hampstead Women’s Centre really appreciated and want to thank the volunteers for all their hard work. Without the 12 individuals who took the time to come and help, the event wouldn’t have run so smoothly. It was our volunteers who had help set up the rooms, decorated the display boards, organised a raffle and set up a stall selling handmade knitted items. It was also our lovely volunteers at the reception who welcomed the members as they came in, and after the event stayed back and helped to clean up.





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