Asian Women’s Group

The Asian Women’s Support Group is open to all South Asian women and provides a safe space to meet and discuss issues concerning the Asian Community. New members are very welcome.

Asian Womens Group

Asian Womens’ Social Group
Wednesdays, 1pm – 4pm
(Last Wednesday of the month is the Asian Women’s Health Calendar)
Membership donation is £7 per year, from the 1st of September 2016 until 31 August 2017.

This group has been running for over 15 years and has now 95 regular members. The women get together to cook, eat and socialise. There are discussions on health, education, social issues, women’s rights and politics back home. It is a safe place for Asian women to voice concern about physical and mental health along with sharing family news. Anything under the sun is discussed over lots of cups of tea. The group is made up of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi and African Indian women. Often seen as just “Asian women”, these women come from very diverse backgrounds and have different cultures, languages, religion, food and clothes. They certainly have different needs. Things which are common are they are all mostly older women, they are isolated, and suffer from long term illnesses. Our group tries to combat isolation by providing a social group which has some structured activities such as our monthly health calendar, silk painting, arts and craft, and workshops on self development. The Asian Women’s Health Calendar is very popular: 20-25 women attend this regularly gaining knowledge from diseases that affect Asian community.

Asian Women’s Health Calendar
Last Wednesday of the month

This monthly session for Asian women is a unique mix of health education and physical activity, and aims to improve health awareness, reduce coronary heart disease and related conditions, as well as accident and injury amongst Asian women and their families. This group boasts significant volunteer involvement, with many women taking regular part in organizing activities and carrying out specific duties such as buying ingredients for cooking activities, doing the register etc on a regular basis.

Each session starts with chair based exercises or a local walk, followed by an informative session led by a Health Professional explaining health related issues simply and clearly and finally questions and answers. Topics for the Asian Women’s Health Calendar are chosen by the group; it is then translated into three Asian languages by volunteers and printed. An Asian doctor who speaks three Asian languages facilitates the sessions. The sessions are fun and interactive and give the women a chance to build knowledge and confidence. During a recent consultation 30% of the women reported they had taken up beneficial lifestyle choices and improved their health.