Irish Women’s Group

Thursdays 10.00am – 12pm

Membership donation is £7 per year.

Open to Irish women of birth and descent, this group offers the opportunity to learn new skills, offer and receive support and share feelings and experiences in a friendly environment. The group is run by an experienced facilitator. New members welcome, just drop in anytime. The group is supported by the Irish Emigrant Support Program.

As well as the regular meetings the Irish Women’s Group goes on a variety of outings. In June the group went to Bognor Regis for the day and had a fresh fish and chips for lunch, followed by a lovely stroll along the seafront. There was time for a rummage in the market and afternoon tea before we headed back to London on the train.







Early in September, a member of the group brought along some of her pottery creations, which were much admired by other member. She talked about the process of working with clay, which she rated even more than the final objects.


Later in the month, the group took advantage of the fine weather to take a trip to the Olympic Park in Stratford.  In October we had a visit from Samantha Harpur, who reported on her research on Irish women’s attitudes to menopause.  Claire Barry came to tell us about the services and approach of Mind Yourself and Nurse Elna gave us the lowdown on weight management in middle age.  In between, we found time to listen to music from the era of ‘A Woman’s Heart’ and the later ‘Tears of Stone’ collaboration by the Chieftans as well as to watch Speaking of IMELDA on you tube.